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Icmeler - one of the best Resorts of Turkey

Icmeler - The Best Place To Enjoy Turkey

Turkey is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It is also the best place to have a budget holiday.

Icmeler, a beach town located at a distance of less than a ten minutes ride by bus from Marmaris in the south western part of the country is the best resort town in Turkey. I had a great experience at this place. The best things of Icmeler apart from the beautiful sandy beaches are the accommodation and food.

 The road to Icmeler is not very straight. This may reflect the time for you to reach to the resort. Most cheap holiday companies offer coach transfer may take 2 to 3 hours to reach Icmeler. Coach may stop at other resorts and take some breaks. Be prepared and keep your bottle of water or juice for this hot journey. Private transfers could be shorter like 1 and half hour.icmeler turkey
Most of the Icmeler hotels are not old and hence, they have all the modern amenities required by Europeans tourists like me. All hotels are well equipped and have comfortable and clean rooms. Most of the Icmeler hotels include a bar, pool with seating area and restaurant. The breakfast and lunch I had was all English, but the menu includes many continental cuisines too.

All the hotels organize some great night programmes. Late evening entertainment shows by restaurants include celebrity impersonators, robot dances, belly dances and the best that I liked was the waiter’s dance, where all the waiters of the restaurant dance for the guests.

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Some Icmeler hotels also have karaoke competitions and discos. The hotel I stayed in had both and I attended both of them and danced too.  

Almost all Icmeler hotels are located near the sea giving you a great view of the Mediterranean. Some hotels even have the famous Turkish baths.

My holiday in Icmeler in 2010 was very wonderful and coupled with the excellent Icmeler hotels, the town is sure to give you a great experience.

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