Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Icmeler Online : Turkey Resort

 Cheap Holidays to Turkey

Icmeler Turkey Resort, a perfect place to relax

Visit the site also recommended Icmeler Online on my Turkey Holidays Page: Icmeler is a small beach resort close to Marmaris. As you may already known, Marmaris is a very busy holiday spot in Turkey. Icmeler, in compare to Marmaris, less busier, cheaper holiday resort. This place is getting popular every year. 

Located 5 miles away from Marmaris, resort has many options for entertainment and accommodation. Also travel to main town is very easy with mini-bus services day and night. Icmeler has beautiful attractive beach even bring  people from other holiday resorts. Amazing view enriched with islands and green hills around makes this place one of the trendy destination in Turkey. You can see many Brits enjoying the resort Icmeler every summer. All water sports and facilities there, so you don't need anything else for amazing sunny beach holidays for this summer. 

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