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Turkey Holidays: Istanbul City Travel Guide

Turkey abounds with attractions. But if you really want to immerse yourself into the culture, the first stop should be Istanbul. It is the cultural center of Turkey and has a blossoming population that is close to the 20 million mark. It provides a bridge between Europe and Asia, and is the financial hub of the Republic.

The most painless way to arrive is via plane. The city is served by the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. An express bus service offers transport to the city center which is 20km away. The metro offers a cheaper option if you are a budget traveler. You need a tourist Visa. As you cannot purchase one when you land, you need to use the e-Visa system which has been active since 2013.
Getting Around
Buying an Istanbulkart is the most convenient way of getting around if you will be in the city for a while. It is a plastic card that can be used as a ticket on buses, the metro, ferries and trains.
Car hire is implausible if you are new to the city. With very few maps available, taxis are more reasonable if you want to stay away from public transportation.
Istanbul has its fair share of accommodation options. There are many hotels, serving tourists with different budgets. Anything from the Four Seasons to the Hotel Amira is ideal. You need to book your stay in advance for prior arrangements to be made. Harbiye and Sultanahmet are the best districts to reside in.
There are many eating spots around the city. Whether you want a quick snack, or a full course meal, your options will be abundant. The small lokantas will give you the most authentic dining experience, as they are popular with the locals.
Places of Interest
Istanbul has a rich array of ancient ruins that tell the story of its founding. The Sultanahmet square will spoil you with renowned attractions such as Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern.
What to do
Every visitor is encouraged to go to at least one hamam. They are abundant in Sultanahmet and offer plush scrubbing and massage services. There are organized walk tours for those who want to soak up the offerings in an ordered fashion. A Bosphorous Cruise is also greatly recommended. There are shopping districts too, for those who want to treat themselves.

Istanbul can be a bit overwhelming for a first visitor, but the city offers unforgettable memories. It is a nice place to visit before you head on to the beaches.
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