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Icmeler Online : Turkey Resort

 Cheap Holidays to Turkey

Icmeler Turkey Resort, a perfect place to relax

Visit the site also recommended Icmeler Online on my Turkey Holidays Page: Icmeler is a small beach resort close to Marmaris. As you may already known, Marmaris is a very busy holiday spot in Turkey. Icmeler, in compare to Marmaris, less busier, cheaper holiday resort. This place is getting popular every year. 

Located 5 miles away from Marmaris, resort has many options for entertainment and accommodation. Also travel to main town is very easy with mini-bus services day and night. Icmeler has beautiful attractive beach even bring  people from other holiday resorts. Amazing view enriched with islands and green hills around makes this place one of the trendy destination in Turkey. You can see many Brits enjoying the resort Icmeler every summer. All water sports and facilities there, so you don't need anything else for amazing sunny beach holidays for this summer. 

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Turkey Holidays

Getting to know Turkey's Mediterranean coast:
Is your idea of the perfect holiday destination long, hot sunny days?
Beautiful sandy beaches? Crystal-clear seas? Friendly people? Lots to see
and do, but no rush to do anything? ‘Buzzing’ nightlife or a quiet evening
with just the buzzing of the cicadas? A touch of spice but with a few
touches of home? If so, then Turkey is the place for you. For Low cost holidays to Turkey visit
Turkey specialist website:



‘Where East and West meet' or 'the Crossroads of History' are just two
ways to describe this land. Turkey stretches from the Aegean Sea in the
west into the Middle East and Asia in the east, and it has been used as
a land bridge for hundreds of generations. Persians, Creeks, Romans,
Byzantines and Ottomans all feature strongly in its long history and have
left fascinating legacies for today’s holidaymakers to explore.

Image  Image
Not a history buff? No worries! Turkey has much more to offer. The
Mediterranean region has one of the most varied landscapes in Turkey.
In the west, the 3,000 m (9,843 ft) peaks of the Taurus and Olymbos
mountains form a dramatic backdrop for the resorts, but as you travel
east the mountains retreat inland, leaving a wide and dusty coastal
plain. The mountains offer shelter from the harsh Siberian winds that
cut across inland Turkey during the winter, giving Antalya and its close
surroundings the mildest year-round climate in the country.



The Best of Turkey Holidays : The Mediterranean

The Turkish Mediterranean offers a wealth of fantastic experiences
that fill the hours from just after dawn until well after dusk. Also visit my page here about
Cheap Holidays to Turkey.


Antalya Kaleici
• Explore Kaleici in Antalya Take a daytime stroll leading to drinks
overlooking the harbour as the sun sets in the medieval heart of
this sophisticated resort .

• Views from the citadel at Alanya Get a bird’s-eye view of the
coast from the battlements of this impressive 13th-century fortress.

• Explore atmospheric Side Where past meets present.

• Tee off at Belek You will not feel under par after a round on these
excellent courses.
The theatre at Aspendos An awe-inspiring example of Roman
architecture still being used today .

• White-water rafting in Koprulu Canyon Sheer exhilaration.

• Barter for a bargain at the bazaar Shopping is theatre in Turkey,
designed to both entertain and lighten your wallet.

• The flames of Chimaera View one of mother nature's hottest

• The lost city of Termessos The ‘hidden’ city that thwarted
Alexander the Great .

• Go hot-air ballooning over the rock spires of Cappadocia or the
ruins of Aspendos. see more at : Turkey Holidays and for travel info :

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Turkey Holidays

Turkey Holidays is popular for Brits.  Most visited resorts are:  Marmaris and Hisaronu Turkey

Ruins on Mount Nemrut, Turkey. The burial site of kings, dating from the first century B.C.  the Thermal Pools, Pamukkale, Turkey

For more information about Turkey :  and Turkey pages.

also :

Visit this amazing country this summer not to miss It's beauty!


Turkey Holidays for UK

Turkey Holidays means lots of fun and joy. And to make sure that the holiday should not have unpleasant surprises, you should know all about the place that you would be visiting. It would not only excite you holidaying sprit but at the same would prepare you for all you need when you are in Turkey. One of the most upcoming tourist spots these days is Turkey. There are so many Turkey Holidays packages which could be looked at online. Turkey is a mix and match of many things. Going to Turkey would mean something for everyone. There are sports like rafting, horse riding; there are archeological sites, museums, nature’s wonder sites, safaris and so much more. One thing is for sure that what you are interested in you would have a time of your life while taking a Turkey Holiday.
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Small village Town in North Turkey : Amasra
The things that you could enjoy while you are in Turkey are :

   There are certain ceremonies which are local to the place could be witnessed. These would have spring of joy, colors and dances - Whirling Dervishes and Konya ceremonies are some that you would not like to miss on.
   Kaçkar Mountain would be fun for the people who love to trek or people who like to walk and discover the natural beauty of the nature walking these trek trails.  see : Turkey Mountains.
   Therapeutic waters pools at Pamukkale are known all around the world for the healing power it has against the skin irritation, joint pains and like.
   Ünye or Giresun could be the picks in case you want to be near to the coast but would want to be away from the crowded streets.
   Hot air balloon flight, the beautiful slopes of Mount Ararat, the Selimiye mosque could be some other attractions. more :