Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Turkey Holidays

Getting to know Turkey's Mediterranean coast:
Is your idea of the perfect holiday destination long, hot sunny days?
Beautiful sandy beaches? Crystal-clear seas? Friendly people? Lots to see
and do, but no rush to do anything? ‘Buzzing’ nightlife or a quiet evening
with just the buzzing of the cicadas? A touch of spice but with a few
touches of home? If so, then Turkey is the place for you. For Low cost holidays to Turkey visit
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‘Where East and West meet' or 'the Crossroads of History' are just two
ways to describe this land. Turkey stretches from the Aegean Sea in the
west into the Middle East and Asia in the east, and it has been used as
a land bridge for hundreds of generations. Persians, Creeks, Romans,
Byzantines and Ottomans all feature strongly in its long history and have
left fascinating legacies for today’s holidaymakers to explore.

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Not a history buff? No worries! Turkey has much more to offer. The
Mediterranean region has one of the most varied landscapes in Turkey.
In the west, the 3,000 m (9,843 ft) peaks of the Taurus and Olymbos
mountains form a dramatic backdrop for the resorts, but as you travel
east the mountains retreat inland, leaving a wide and dusty coastal
plain. The mountains offer shelter from the harsh Siberian winds that
cut across inland Turkey during the winter, giving Antalya and its close
surroundings the mildest year-round climate in the country.

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