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Icmeler Online : Turkey Resort

 Cheap Holidays to Turkey

Icmeler Turkey Resort, a perfect place to relax

Visit the site also recommended Icmeler Online on my Turkey Holidays Page: Icmeler is a small beach resort close to Marmaris. As you may already known, Marmaris is a very busy holiday spot in Turkey. Icmeler, in compare to Marmaris, less busier, cheaper holiday resort. This place is getting popular every year. 

Located 5 miles away from Marmaris, resort has many options for entertainment and accommodation. Also travel to main town is very easy with mini-bus services day and night. Icmeler has beautiful attractive beach even bring  people from other holiday resorts. Amazing view enriched with islands and green hills around makes this place one of the trendy destination in Turkey. You can see many Brits enjoying the resort Icmeler every summer. All water sports and facilities there, so you don't need anything else for amazing sunny beach holidays for this summer. 

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Turkey Holidays

Getting to know Turkey's Mediterranean coast:
Is your idea of the perfect holiday destination long, hot sunny days?
Beautiful sandy beaches? Crystal-clear seas? Friendly people? Lots to see
and do, but no rush to do anything? ‘Buzzing’ nightlife or a quiet evening
with just the buzzing of the cicadas? A touch of spice but with a few
touches of home? If so, then Turkey is the place for you. For Low cost holidays to Turkey visit
Turkey specialist website:



‘Where East and West meet' or 'the Crossroads of History' are just two
ways to describe this land. Turkey stretches from the Aegean Sea in the
west into the Middle East and Asia in the east, and it has been used as
a land bridge for hundreds of generations. Persians, Creeks, Romans,
Byzantines and Ottomans all feature strongly in its long history and have
left fascinating legacies for today’s holidaymakers to explore.

Image  Image
Not a history buff? No worries! Turkey has much more to offer. The
Mediterranean region has one of the most varied landscapes in Turkey.
In the west, the 3,000 m (9,843 ft) peaks of the Taurus and Olymbos
mountains form a dramatic backdrop for the resorts, but as you travel
east the mountains retreat inland, leaving a wide and dusty coastal
plain. The mountains offer shelter from the harsh Siberian winds that
cut across inland Turkey during the winter, giving Antalya and its close
surroundings the mildest year-round climate in the country.



The Best of Turkey Holidays : The Mediterranean

The Turkish Mediterranean offers a wealth of fantastic experiences
that fill the hours from just after dawn until well after dusk. Also visit my page here about
Cheap Holidays to Turkey.


Antalya Kaleici
• Explore Kaleici in Antalya Take a daytime stroll leading to drinks
overlooking the harbour as the sun sets in the medieval heart of
this sophisticated resort .

• Views from the citadel at Alanya Get a bird’s-eye view of the
coast from the battlements of this impressive 13th-century fortress.

• Explore atmospheric Side Where past meets present.

• Tee off at Belek You will not feel under par after a round on these
excellent courses.
The theatre at Aspendos An awe-inspiring example of Roman
architecture still being used today .

• White-water rafting in Koprulu Canyon Sheer exhilaration.

• Barter for a bargain at the bazaar Shopping is theatre in Turkey,
designed to both entertain and lighten your wallet.

• The flames of Chimaera View one of mother nature's hottest

• The lost city of Termessos The ‘hidden’ city that thwarted
Alexander the Great .

• Go hot-air ballooning over the rock spires of Cappadocia or the
ruins of Aspendos. see more at : Turkey Holidays and for travel info :

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Turkey Holidays

Turkey Holidays is popular for Brits.  Most visited resorts are:  Marmaris and Hisaronu Turkey

Ruins on Mount Nemrut, Turkey. The burial site of kings, dating from the first century B.C.  the Thermal Pools, Pamukkale, Turkey

For more information about Turkey :  and Turkey pages.

also :

Visit this amazing country this summer not to miss It's beauty!


Turkey Holidays for UK

Turkey Holidays means lots of fun and joy. And to make sure that the holiday should not have unpleasant surprises, you should know all about the place that you would be visiting. It would not only excite you holidaying sprit but at the same would prepare you for all you need when you are in Turkey. One of the most upcoming tourist spots these days is Turkey. There are so many Turkey Holidays packages which could be looked at online. Turkey is a mix and match of many things. Going to Turkey would mean something for everyone. There are sports like rafting, horse riding; there are archeological sites, museums, nature’s wonder sites, safaris and so much more. One thing is for sure that what you are interested in you would have a time of your life while taking a Turkey Holiday.
Book Cheap Turkey Holidays here find #holidaymate on google.

Small village Town in North Turkey : Amasra
The things that you could enjoy while you are in Turkey are :

   There are certain ceremonies which are local to the place could be witnessed. These would have spring of joy, colors and dances - Whirling Dervishes and Konya ceremonies are some that you would not like to miss on.
   Kaçkar Mountain would be fun for the people who love to trek or people who like to walk and discover the natural beauty of the nature walking these trek trails.  see : Turkey Mountains.
   Therapeutic waters pools at Pamukkale are known all around the world for the healing power it has against the skin irritation, joint pains and like.
   Ünye or Giresun could be the picks in case you want to be near to the coast but would want to be away from the crowded streets.
   Hot air balloon flight, the beautiful slopes of Mount Ararat, the Selimiye mosque could be some other attractions. more :

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Turkey Holidays:

If you planning to visit Turkey this summer please take a look at my Turkey Holidays website:

Turkey offers a lot of beautiful destinations to be visited. Turkey is among the world's sixth most popular destination and is famous for its natural beauty, historical sites and fun-filled adventurous activities. Turkey is thrice times bigger than the United Kingdom, almost the size of Texas, USA and every single destination in Turkey has its unique individuality that offers tourism to the people worldwide, from all walks of life. Let us discuss a few tourist attractions that may help you plan your next holiday in Turkey.
pamukkale turkey
Sumela Monastery, Virgin Mary of Somalia is a spectacular rock-hewn monastery perched on the narrow ledge of a steep cliff in the forest south of Trabzon. It was built in the 4th century before the split of Roman Empire. It is a historic place, must to be visited.  Besides Sumela Monastery you can visit The church of Saint Sophia located in the same region, Trabzon. This church belongs to the remains of thirteen century when Trabzon was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond. Uzungol, is a lake up in the mountains which also is a tourist attraction and a place of interest.
Uludag is a National park and winter sports resort in Southern Marmara of Turkey. It is one of the country's favorite winter sports center as well as for skiing. Uludag is active all year round, offering skiing down the white slopes in winters and a walk amidst the woods in summers. It is the oldest winter sports resort of the country. It has a lot of teleski, however you'll have to pay each time you use a teleski unless you are using the ones provided to you from your hotel. 

There are a number of hiking trails on the mountain, with the most popular one being the trail through the forest from Sarialan to Cobonkaya. Local and international tourists with an interest in skiing and hiking visit this winter resort keeping it active throughout the year. Gondola lifts at Bakack Plateau makes you enjoy the view of the entire region, including the city of Bursa just north of Uludag and lake Apollonia about 50 km to the west. On your way there, you may also check Cobonkaya, a huge granite boulder situated on the side of the road. 

Hasankeyf is an ancient town and district located along the Tigris river in the Batman province in southeastern Turkey. Hasankeyf castle in this town, built in the middle of 4th century has hundreds of residences, historical pieces of art such as Big Palace, Small palace, and Ulu mosque. The  Castle door, Bridge, Big Palace, Ulu mosque within the castle, El-Rizk mosque, Koc mosque, Kizlar mosque, Tombs, Zeynelbey Tomb are the places of interest for visitors here. Dicle river of Hasankeyf gives life to the region affecting the climate here too making the winters much more temperate. 
Make a holiday package of your own, visit these beautiful historical destinations of Turkey and make your next holiday a memorable one. For sure, you'll never regret. 

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Turkey Holiday Tips For The Adventure Lovers

If you are planning for an adventure trip, Turkey will be the one of the best option for you. Turkey is also listed under the some of the most popular and hottest tourist destinations in the world. However, if you are visiting a place, there are some important travel tips, which you have to consider. Once you visit this place, you can find many adventure activities and entertainment programs. Turkey is also one of the best spot for the hiking lovers. Apart from hiking, you can also find many other adventure activities in Turkey. Read the below content to know more.

In the present world, Turkey is one of the best and hottest tourist destinations, which have diverse things, which start from the incredible scenic beauty with clear waters beaches and pine covered mountains. Once you visit this place, you can also find numerous archaeological as well as historical sites. Turkey also has a very rough and assorted terrain, which consists of mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys and waterfalls. It also has many seas surrounding it. Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea are some of the seas that cover Turkey. This place is also laced by coves, ports, beaches and islands. Turkey is also famous for its Mediterranean climate that will make it more ideal spot to enjoy a holiday vacation.

This place will also receive moderate sunshine throughout the year. Turkey is also one of the only some travel spots that can provide you plenty of options to enjoy several outdoor and adventure activities. Mountain climbing, different types of water sports such as swimming, surfing, boating etc are some of the adventure activities, which you can indulge in. You also have an option for mountain biking in Turkey. Scuba diving and deep-sea fishing are also some of the activities that you can go for. Apart from this, you also have an option to go for hot air balloon flight. However, currently, hiking is earning a lot of popularity in Turkey. This place has grabbed the attention of many holidaymakers around the world. This is the main reason why Turkey has made its way to the tour Itineraries of top tour operators of the world. In fact, presently there are numerous local tour operators who are offering different types of hiking tour programs for international as well as local travelers.
However, if you have any plans to spend your holiday vacation in Turkey, you will be able to find many marked hiking trails. This beautiful place is famous for providing the best experience for the adventure lovers. You will surely love the hiking activities in Turkey, as there are many natural and stunning views on this location. If you are planning for hiking, you will be able to take the help of many adventure agencies in Turkey. Turkey has become as one of the best tourist spots in the world. Considering these above-mentioned tips and facts in mind can help you in making your holiday in Turkey, a memorable one.

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Istanbul Turkey : Cheap Stay Guide

When you book a holiday or city break to Istanbul, you would easily realise that like other famous cities Istanbul Hotels are not very cheap. Here you have some options:
Unfortunately, in Istanbul there are
few facilities for youths travelling on a
limited budget. The most famous hostel
in Istanbul is the Yocelt Interyouth Hostel,
operating since the 1970's. Situated
just adjacent to the Hagia Sophia along
a cobblestone road, this hostel is run like
a university dorm. All rooms have
central heating. It is a member of International
Youth Hostel Federation
(IYHF), offering cut rates to those who
present IYHF cards. The hostel has a laundry
room, a baggage room, cafeteria,
a vault and hot water at certain hours of
the day. Another alternative offering different
possibilities is the newer Cordial
hostel, located in Cemberlitas.
Caferiye Sok. No: 6/1 Sultanahmet
3 (212) 513 61 50
Fax (212) 512 76 28

Peykhane Sok. No:29 Ccmberlitas
2 (212) 518 05 76
Fax (212) 516 41 08

For those who wish to settle into a
warmer atmosphere, the city also has
hotels with fully-furnished apartments
near business and residential centers.
Akmerkez Residence and Swissotel are
the most luxurious of these hotels. Here
are some other apart/hotel possibilities.

One of the largest camping areas in
Istanbul is Atakoy Holiday Village. Encompassing
a wide area along the Marmara
shore, it is open year-round, Situated
near to the airport and Galleria
shopping mall, it offers toilet facilities,communal kitchen, shower, bar, restaurant,swimming pool and a park for the
kids. The nearby Londra Camping is also open year-round, whereas it offers
laundry and kitchen facilities, a bar, a restaurant, fast food and a soccer pitch.
Moreover, it also has two-room bungalows.Open only during the summer season,
Kilyos Turban Holiday Village is located right behind Kilyos Beach. It offers WC and toilet facilities, but no kitchen. Located two km. from Sile is KumbabaMotel, a camp-site with bath and kitchen facilities which is open between May-October

Ice Lolly - Lollipop Holidays

Cheap lollipop Holidays guide to Cheap Holidays :  1. Bargain – Negotiation is that the lifeblood of the travel business. Its merchandise is time-sensitive: a space left empty one night or associate degree airline seat that isn’t crammed can’t be resold subsequent day. So, particularly if you’re looking at the moment, and currently that the recent weather has hit sales of holidays abroad, do cut price -particularly once handling tour operators, travel agents and hotels.

lollipop holidays
2. Use price comparison websites – Price comparison websites is very helpful in providing Cheap Holidays Abroad but provide nothing however edges to customers searching for the most effective rates on automotive rent, package holidays and travel insurance. They will definitely prevent cash. However comparisons may be distorted by corporations try to supply the most cost effective headline costs by husking away as several extras (such as levels of insurance cover) as potential, even as the essential airlines do. The sites have gotten higher at reflective valuation complexities .however be terribly cautious of shopping for on value alone. Visit : Ice Lolly - Lollipop Holidays for late deals.

3. Avoid pricey frills – As we tend to often indicate during this section where you can have Cheap Holidays Abroad, extra charges for arrival, seat choice, hold baggage, priority boarding, credit-card bookings and text-message confirmation so on will immensely inflate the headline value of a flight.
4. Bring your own plastic bags – only some airports like Gatwick provides free clear luggage appropriate for taking liquids and pastes through security. Others - together with Manchester and Stansted - you charge. It is only because of the security reasons which are personally issued by government.
5. Take your own food – A spherical of sandwiches and soft drinks for a family of 4 would value a minimum of €30 euros on board a plane. So, it’s better to have your own food which not costs you much and also homemade easy to digest when you in airways.

If you take care of small issues you can put yourself on the safer side. Use the same with making Cheap Holidays Abroad! You have to take each expense seriously where you think that you can save your valuable money. Additionally, you should have the travel insurance also to avoid heavy bills if you get yourself into any type of injury.Site Recommended : Direct Holidays Lowcost Holidays and icelolly

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Side Turkey: Cheap Turkey Holiday Resort for Brits

side , turkey
Side is a small resort in Antalya province. Side is famous for its historical sites and shopping centres. Side is not only reach in historical treasures but this place is also famous for its beaches. This place is full of natural beauty. You will find the beaches of side extremely beautiful and covered with golden sand. Apart from these, other attractions of side include Nymphaeum (fountain in city wall), Byzantine hospital and the Roman bath converted in museum.

There is a historical bridge also in Aspendos that is about 225 m long.
This bridge was built by the Anatolian emperor in 13th century. Now this bridge is restoring several souvenir shops. Along with this, this theatre is endowed with remnants of agora, basilica and the largest aqueducts in the Anatolia.

Another important attraction of the city of side is the temples of the Athena and Apollo. These temples were built in the second century of A.D. these temples are identical in looks and are dedicated to the Athena and Apollo. The Athena is also the patron goddess of side. The brother of Athena is a winged god named Apollo. These temples have now become the trademark of the city of side. The manavgat waterfall is also a main attraction of side. This place has many shops and restaurants and it also attracts lots of tourists who visit side.
In summer, the temperature of this place will be around 30 degrees Celsius, and it may even reach up to 40 degrees Celsius during the peak of summer season. The average temperature will vary between 24°C and 25°C. However, it may go up to 34°C and may drop to 22°C in the peak months. The average temperature in the day time of this place from April to November is around 20 degrees Celsius. From June to September the day time temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. There will not be any rain during the summer season in side. In fact, this place will provide you plentiful sunny days.
The average temperature of this place during the winter is around 6°C. This cold climate can be observed on most of the nights from December to February end. The temperature during the day time is not extremely cold. This will help to avoid the discomfort of wearing heavy clothes such as sweaters and jackets during the day time. This is the time when this place experiences heavy rainfall. There will be heavy rains occurring frequently during the winter season in this place.  
The spring and the autumn season can be the best time to visit this place. The amazing ruins in this place are one of the major factors that grab the attention of the tourists.  Therefore, knowing about the aforementioned information will help you to understand when to go to side, turkey. 

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Olu Deniz - Turkey - Amazing Natural Beauty

Oludeniz ('dead sea' in Turkish) but the steep mountain road and drop down to the beautiful lagoon still make it a major watering hole for young and old alike.  During the summer this spot can become crowded, and is a popular anchorage for yachts. It is one of the premier beach spots in Turkey and the world-classHillside Club is located here.
olu deniz turkey

This lagoon offers Turkey’s most beautiful beach (and busiest), encircled by high pine-clad mountains which
plunge straight down into the turquoise sea. Though the lagoon is now designated a conservation area, there
are many small hotels and restaurants down on the beach itself. The bulk of the accommodation, however, is 4km (2.5 miles) inland in busy resorts like Side.

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Booking Your Summer Holidays to Turkey

Booking you holiday early would save you a great deal of money. Most of the travel companies accept small
deposit and you can pay the balance before departure. 

There is a fully trained team of these Turkey tour operators that will provide assistance at any time of your holidays in Turkey and will make your holidays in Turkey the most memorable experience of your life. These tour operators will guide you about the different places to visit in Turkey and the things you can enjoy there. You will get complete and up to date information about Turkey from these tour operators.

There are many kinds of holiday deals to suit the needs of different people. It does not matter that whether you are travelling to Turkey for business purposes or as cultural tours or just to have a leisure holidays you will find deals of every kind in Turkey holiday packages. The most interesting places to visit in Turkey are Tarsus, troy and Ephesus. Along with these there are many more places to visit such as blue mosque, maidens' towers, Sardis, hagia Sophia, Cappadocia region, ancient city of aspendus and pergamon and commagene kingdom at Mt. nemrut. In order to make it sure to visit all these places you should opt for the holiday's deals in Turkey.
You will get hotel reservations according to your choice and arrangement of conveyance for your trips in the Turkey in these holiday deals. You just need to tell your tour operator about what you want in your Turkey holidays and he will make up the holiday deals accordingly.

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Icmeler - one of the best Resorts of Turkey

Icmeler - The Best Place To Enjoy Turkey

Turkey is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It is also the best place to have a budget holiday.

Icmeler, a beach town located at a distance of less than a ten minutes ride by bus from Marmaris in the south western part of the country is the best resort town in Turkey. I had a great experience at this place. The best things of Icmeler apart from the beautiful sandy beaches are the accommodation and food.

 The road to Icmeler is not very straight. This may reflect the time for you to reach to the resort. Most cheap holiday companies offer coach transfer may take 2 to 3 hours to reach Icmeler. Coach may stop at other resorts and take some breaks. Be prepared and keep your bottle of water or juice for this hot journey. Private transfers could be shorter like 1 and half hour.icmeler turkey
Most of the Icmeler hotels are not old and hence, they have all the modern amenities required by Europeans tourists like me. All hotels are well equipped and have comfortable and clean rooms. Most of the Icmeler hotels include a bar, pool with seating area and restaurant. The breakfast and lunch I had was all English, but the menu includes many continental cuisines too.

All the hotels organize some great night programmes. Late evening entertainment shows by restaurants include celebrity impersonators, robot dances, belly dances and the best that I liked was the waiter’s dance, where all the waiters of the restaurant dance for the guests.

cheap holidays holidaymate
Some Icmeler hotels also have karaoke competitions and discos. The hotel I stayed in had both and I attended both of them and danced too.  

Almost all Icmeler hotels are located near the sea giving you a great view of the Mediterranean. Some hotels even have the famous Turkish baths.

My holiday in Icmeler in 2010 was very wonderful and coupled with the excellent Icmeler hotels, the town is sure to give you a great experience.

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Turkey Intro - More information about Turkey for Travellers

Turkey is where East meets West and it is just this variety that makes move in Turkey then exciting. Although turkey is a Muslim country its finish is imbued with a large and respectful honor for Islam, Turkey is an area that attempts to part the lay and spiritual beliefs of its citizens. While it is indefinite what the future holds for Turkey, nowadays the area remains a superior holiday place and one of our good places to see.
 Turkey Holidays
Many Visitors thinks that there is a small Turkey inside the Istanbul. Crossing the Bosporus into Asia Minor, still, leads you into a foreign and interesting nation. Read our recommendations on the good places to see in

Turkey and so have your reservations to search this about enticing area.

 Ancient sights of epic proportions wait you on the Aegean Coast. Visit lovely Pamukkale, a petrified limestone waterfall or some of the better preserved ruins at Ephesus. From Altinkum make the journey to the Temple of Apollo where you will be awe-struck by the pure size of the yet righteous columns not to cite the inventiveness of the old civilisations.

The country’s landscape is as varied as it is huge. Twisting cliffs, punctuated by golden beaches and lapped by indigo and turquoise seas, line the Aegean and Mediterranean
Evening near Toprakkale
coasts, their valleys a sea of greenhouses producing, among many other things, some of the most delicious tomatoes in the world. A little way inland, valleys give way to rocky mountains clad in pine forests, their lower slopes filled with orchards that flutter with pink and white blossom in spring. Behind the mountains stretch the vast rolling grasslands of the Anatolian plateau with its fiercely hot summers and bitterly cold winters.
In the southeast, ancient Mesopotamia (the Near East), so famed for its fertility that some claim it to be the original Garden of Eden, lies between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The government is currently creating a vast network of dams based on the two rivers, to create hydro-electricity and irri­gate the semi-desert to the southeast - great for Turkey, not so good for the desert countries to the south, for whom the rivers are, quite literally, a lifeline, or for the Kurds, who claim the region as an independent state.

In the border territories of the far east, the mountains again soar skywards, culminating in the massive bulk of Mount Ararat, Turkey’s highest peak at 5,137m (16,853ft). This, according to legend, is the last resting place of Noah’s Ark. Beyond this region lie the steppes of Central Asia, from where wave after wave of invaders have arrived to shape Turkey’s people and culture.

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Antalya Turkey - Less Known to Brits

When planning your +Turkey Holidays do not miss Antalya one of the most loved resorts of  Turkey. Antalya is not popular as Marmaris which is the best known turkey holiday spot for the Brits for decades.
Cleopatra Beach Alanya


The area offers plenty of restaurants offering Turkish cuisines along with lots of sea food, Italian, British and Chinese cuisine. There are plenty of hotels offering a splendid stay. These include from budget hotels to 5 stars and to name a few are Hillside Su Hotel, Hotel Aspen, Barut Hotels Lara Resorts Spa and Suites are among the famous ones. There is some nightlife concentrated around the harbor. Choose from bars, discos and live music venues for an exciting evening that can go on until 4am if you wish!

Shopping can be an exhilarating experience in Antalya. You can grab everything from jams and jellies made from local fruits and vegetables to prayer rugs, antique jewellery, clothing, wood carvings, kelims, traditional pottery and leather ware. Apart from this there are many modern shopping malls in the old town.

In summers the temperature goes up to 45 degrees and it sees the best temperature in the month of July and August which records the temperature maximum up to 30 degrees. In winters the temperature ranges from 6 degrees to 15 degrees and January is the coldest month among all months enjoying winter season. However, the area is blessed with over 300 days of clear sky and pure sunshine.

The scenic beauty of the city will sweep you off your feet and you have to see it to believe it. +Susan Jones