Thursday, 23 January 2014

Side Turkey: Cheap Turkey Holiday Resort for Brits

side , turkey
Side is a small resort in Antalya province. Side is famous for its historical sites and shopping centres. Side is not only reach in historical treasures but this place is also famous for its beaches. This place is full of natural beauty. You will find the beaches of side extremely beautiful and covered with golden sand. Apart from these, other attractions of side include Nymphaeum (fountain in city wall), Byzantine hospital and the Roman bath converted in museum.

There is a historical bridge also in Aspendos that is about 225 m long.
This bridge was built by the Anatolian emperor in 13th century. Now this bridge is restoring several souvenir shops. Along with this, this theatre is endowed with remnants of agora, basilica and the largest aqueducts in the Anatolia.

Another important attraction of the city of side is the temples of the Athena and Apollo. These temples were built in the second century of A.D. these temples are identical in looks and are dedicated to the Athena and Apollo. The Athena is also the patron goddess of side. The brother of Athena is a winged god named Apollo. These temples have now become the trademark of the city of side. The manavgat waterfall is also a main attraction of side. This place has many shops and restaurants and it also attracts lots of tourists who visit side.
In summer, the temperature of this place will be around 30 degrees Celsius, and it may even reach up to 40 degrees Celsius during the peak of summer season. The average temperature will vary between 24°C and 25°C. However, it may go up to 34°C and may drop to 22°C in the peak months. The average temperature in the day time of this place from April to November is around 20 degrees Celsius. From June to September the day time temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. There will not be any rain during the summer season in side. In fact, this place will provide you plentiful sunny days.
The average temperature of this place during the winter is around 6°C. This cold climate can be observed on most of the nights from December to February end. The temperature during the day time is not extremely cold. This will help to avoid the discomfort of wearing heavy clothes such as sweaters and jackets during the day time. This is the time when this place experiences heavy rainfall. There will be heavy rains occurring frequently during the winter season in this place.  
The spring and the autumn season can be the best time to visit this place. The amazing ruins in this place are one of the major factors that grab the attention of the tourists.  Therefore, knowing about the aforementioned information will help you to understand when to go to side, turkey. 


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